People often ask me why I quit dancing. Well, I didn’t.

See, dance has always been part of my life, ever since I can remember. It just so happened that it led me to becoming a professional dancer and dedicating years of my life to the big stage and performing. But even during that time I was very much interested in and simultaneously working on multiple other skills. I am also a trained actress and equally passionate about martial arts, fashion and costume design.

I guess I love moving and creating, designing and building. All of these art forms feed off of each other beautifully and so for me it wasn’t a big surprise when I fell in love with pilates. Just the way all the other disciplines require precision and strong focus during the process, the same applies for this technique. In fact it has helped me especially with improving my dance technique. It has made me stronger on the inside and therefor allowed me to move more freely on the outside.

Even before I started my professional training people would ask me if I was a dancer, so I guess there is just something about the way I move…

And Then






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